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Inserito da il 1 Novembre 1995


albergo radasiri copia

The project consists in the building of a new 45 rooms hotel. The area, not far away from the sea, is bordering the Strada Statale Ionica (the main street) and it is encircled on three sides by speculative buildings of any quality even though of their being part of a valuable naturalistic context. The building together with the garden – olive grove create a system of signs which settle a primary relationship between the architectural object and the Ionic shores landscape.

On one side, beyond the wild modern  buildings, the sea, on the other side the montainous Calabrian hinterland with its old villages.  The hotel body is built on two concentric circles whose different bend radius are meant to define in the volumetric output, cylindrical walls which culminate in two peaks and address the eye beyond the building context nearby, towards the landscape.

The restaurant, is in the garden, just in front the main entrance.  This is a volume on a squared plan, tangent in just one point to

the main building circular boundaries and it represents the first element – among a series of spaces  which progressively link  the hotel to the antique oil mill which on its turn bounds the park area and it goes to form (constitute) on of the edges built on the main road running along the sea.

PROGETTO: G. Colucci , E. AvalloneG. Pierluisi  

CON: F. Palmia

STRUTTURE E IMPIANTI: ing. S.Ranieri, geom. G. Pisani


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